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Something is wrong!!!!!

Posted by Patrick Case on

If it takes more than 15 minutes to change your message, something is wrong.

Changing your Reader Board message is simple, easy and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. If it does, something is wrong!

There are really only four things that will slow down changing your sign. Bad suction cup, broken and damaged letters, poor letter storage, broken and damaged sign tracking. Well, Ok, maybe 5. Some employees are just that way…

Bad Suction Cup

We hear and see this first issue constantly, “the letter changer pole will not hold the letters”. Do yourself a favor and simply replace the suction cup on the letter changer pole every 18 months. It’s cheap and is the #1 cause of your headaches.

Bad Suction Cup

Letter Storage Cabinet

The second most common problem is poor letter storage. This is another issue we see over and over again…Sign letters all jumbled up and thrown in a cardboard box for storage. This damages the letters and makes trying to find the letters you need to put up that new message a serious waste of time, not to mention a major pain.

Don't risk scratching your letters!

Letter Storage Cabinets are designed to keep your letters organized by providing individual slots for each character. This makes it really quick and easy to find the letters you need to put up your next message. It also protects the letters from scratching and breaking caused by the letters getting thrown back into that jumbled cardboard box. Seriously, that old cardboard box is destroying your letters and costing you money. These letters aren’t expensive but when you buy a couple of hundred of them, it adds up.

I’m going to say it again, do yourself a favor and get a Letter Storage Cabinet.


Broken and damaged letters

First of all you should never use broken, faded and damaged letters. They are distracting and make it hard for the passerby to read your message. Remember, if it’s difficult to read or confusing at all, that potential customer will simply pass on by on the way to your competitor.

Broken letters

Always replace broken, faded and damaged letters. This is another time saver that will pay dividends in productivity and increased sales. The public determines the quality of your products and services before they ever come into your business.

You only get one first impression and your sign is the first thing they see.


Broken Tracking

The tracking on your sign is very durable but once your sign is 15 years old and beyond, UV rays from the sun combined with the elements have done enough damage to make them brittle. Once the tracking becomes brittle, it starts to break off in pieces. Once it starts breaking, it will only get worse. It can be repaired, but what typically happens is, you’ll repair one spot and a week later, two more spots are broken. You end up chasing a never ending repair. It’s really just time to replace the face of your sign. It’s a lot more affordable than you might think.

Bad tracking is bad for your sign

Most tracking is bonded to the sign face so it’s best to replace the sign face itself. Plus, the same UV rays that have damaged the tracking have also done damage to the face. Many times when you attempt to remove the old damaged and broken tracking, the sign face itself will break. Replacing one or both faces is not very expensive and is really quite simple. Just give us a call, we’re here to help.

As business owners we always wonder how the money just seems to evaporate. Well, here are four of those ways. Good money is being spent needlessly on replacing letters and lost man hours because it’s taking 45 minutes to an hour just to change the reader board message. Addressing any of the common problems we covered can change that, paying for itself in only a matter of weeks, sometimes only days.

Your readerboard is your best selling tool, take care of it and it will take care of you.

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