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Readerboard Letter Set Quantity Discounts

Posted by Patrick Case on

Marquee signs for schools, churches, and national restaurants

These days we all need better pricing. Regardless of what you’re buying, prices have just gone up way too much and we all need a break.

Your sign is more than just your name and today’s special, your sign represents your business, your service, the quality of your product, even how clean your store is.

Buy 10 full sets or more and we’ll give you 25% off the regular price.

25 sets or more, we’ll make it 28%

Purchase 50 plus sets… You ready? 30% off!!!

Keeping your sign clean and professional looking will, without question, increase customer trust which increases your business. Keeping your sign clean and professional at the very best price is what we do for you here at National Readerboard.

We not only Guarantee The Best Price In The Nation, we’ll get you even better pricing when you buy in quantity. The best way to maximize your discounts is to get a group of stores together and place your order at one time.

With the Best Price Guaranteed, Same Day Shipping and the Highest Quality products in the market, why would you buy from anyone else?

Let us know how we can help you with your sign.

Give us a call at 1.800.243.6676 or visit us online at

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