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You Get What You Pay For…

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Roadside Readerboard Letters - Flex Letters

Now and then, customers will call in to purchase the flexible low cost lettering, believing they will save money since this style lettering is much less costly than the heavier, rigid commercial lettering.

The Flexible lettering only works with the tracking specifically designed to “hold” the flexible lettering, and even with the tracking that holds the letters, they tend to blow away at times. In the business, these are lovingly referred to “Blow Aways”.

Another characteristic of the Flex lettering is they tend to yellow and turn brown over a relative short period of time. This is extremely unappealing and makes your sign look… BAD!

Your sign is actually a very important part of your business, don’t scrimp on it, it shows and will cost you in the long run.

If you have a sign that uses Flex lettering, keep them fresh, replace them about every year or two. And when you see them yellowing, get new ones. When purchasing new Flex letters, buy them by the set, they are much cheaper that way.

Now for you folks that think you can use the Flex letters on your standard commercial sign, you can’t. They may fit but they will not stay in place long at all. Plus, do you really want cheap looking, yellowing letters representing your business? I doubt it.

High quality rigid letters won’t yellow, they’re durable and they look great for years and years. If you keep them in a storage cabinet, they will last even longer. They do scratch over time but even scratches are hard to notice when the letters are up on the sign.

The high quality rigid letters are also much easier to read for the passerby who is trying to read your message. Want your message read, keep it simple, use clean letters and change your message regularly.

If you need any help, just let us know. Readerboards are what we do.

Patrick Case President

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