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What Came First, The Bunny Or The Egg???

Posted by NRS Tech on

Holidays are a great time to liven up your readerboard messages, add color to your sign and attract more attention with Specialty Panels. They’re inexpensive and easily set your message apart.

funny easter readerboard message with specialty panels

Think about it…

You have Easter, April 5th, so get an Egg.

Mother’s Day, Need we say more?

Memorial Day, thank your local Veterans. If it weren’t for them, what language would you be speaking?

Flag Day, June 14th, show your favorite flag.

Father’s Day, June 22nd, We’ll make an ugly tie for your Readerboard.

4th Of July! We can even make you Fireworks for your sign! Then the kids are Back in school. Phew… So try out Specialty Panels and have FUN with it! And remember to post your sign photos on our FaceBook Page

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