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Marquee Graphics

Maximize the selling power of your ReaderBoard.

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With no additional hardware to buy and no ladder to climb, you can transform your readerboard into a fully-lit, 24-hour, full-color, billboard.

Proven to Increase Sales.
3 minute installation.
No special tools.
No sign modifications.

Marquee Graphics® work instantly

Marquee Graphics® work instantly, often paying for themselves in only a matter of days because they target customers where and when it matters most, as they're driving by your business. They create the impulse to purchase right from the customer's car. Simply put, “Pictures Sell Food”, but you already know this because you use them on your indoor P.O.P. Take what you already know about the selling power of pictures and put it on your most valuable piece of marketing real estate – your readerboard. Thousands of potential customers are driving by every day.

How do they work?

Marquee Graphics® transform your standard readerboard message into a full color ad campaign by taking advantage of the tools you already have. The full color graphic fits into the letter tracking just like your current letters, and are installed by using your letter changer pole.

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Due to the custom nature of Marquee Graphics® we will need to collect a few details about your changeable letter sign (size, number of rows, color, etc.) and your promotion.