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Sick of the Ice and Snow?

Posted by Patrick Case on

Snow and ice are tough on your sign
Sick of your Sign Letters freezing in the track, taking an hour in the freezing cold to change that sign message???

We have some solutions for you.

First of all, keep this in mind. If it takes more than 15 minutes to change your readerboard message, something is wrong and we can help.

Lets start off with the most obvious, the Suction Cup on your Letter Changer Pole. It seems no one ever thinks to change this item. Its rubber, it wears out, gets stiff and needs to be replaced about every other year.

If your suction cup is in good shape, the battle is more than half over. When your suction cup is worn out, it won’t hold the letters, your staff starts hitting your sign harder and harder trying to get it to stick. They are beating a $1500 sign face with a $26 suction cup. GET A NEW CUP!

Gemini sign letters are specially designed for ice and snow

Your Letters ever freeze into the tracking? Get Gemini Letters! Gemini Letters have small tabs on the bottom to hold the letter up just a little bit to help keep the bottom of the letter from freezing to the track. With only two small contact points, the letters are far less likely to freeze in place.

Next, get organized, get a letter storage cabinet. (Or make one) Using a Letter Storage Cabinet protects your letters from damage and keeps them organized so its fast and easy to find the letters you need for your message.

Folks, we’re not here to sell you more junk you don’t need… We actually go out of our way to help you make that readerboard do all it can for you. Your readerboard is the most powerful form of advertising you have. Plus, its cheap to use!

What to change your business? Change your message!

You can increase your sales TODAY without spending a dime! That’s right, you don’t have to spend any money. You already have the letters, You already have the sign! The trick is in the message.

The last trick to help you change your message in the cold weather is to take a piece of cardboard with you. With the ground frozen and your plastic letters super cold, the cardboard gives you a clean place to place letters before they go up and a good softer surface for the letters to be removed. This simple trick will greatly help reduce braking and scratching. We’re here to help any way we can, call us any time you have questions or we can help in any way. We appreciate your business and just let us know how we can help.

Let us know how we can help you with your sign.

Patrick Case

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