Jan 12 2015

How to Not Break your Readerboard (Hint: It's cheap insurance)

Suction Cups!!! Trust Me…

Worn out suction cups are the #1 cause of broken letters, poles, tracking and even your sign face itself.

Your Readerboard is one of the most powerful marketing tools your business has and keeping it in good working condition is very important. Not just for its appearance but for your business’ curb appeal and your store’s sales.

Keep in mind, the public judges everything from the quality of your products or food, to how clean your bathrooms are, simply by the curb appeal and appearance of your signage. But, we all know there are certain times of year, like now cause it’s freezing outside, where your sign just takes a beating. Literally.

You can tell your suction cup is ready to be replaced when it has small cracks anywhere on the cup, has become stiff, or is frequently dropping your sign letters.

The #1 most important thing to remember in order to Not Break your Readerboard is the suction cup on your Letter Changer Pole. And for those of you that don’t need to use a pole to put letters on your Readerboard, be thankful!

Suction Cups are something that no one really looks at. I mean, come on, its black, its round, what? Well, here’s the what. Your suction cup is only good for about 18 months, two years tops, and it needs to be replaced. It may look fine but it’s not holding the letters well. It has gotten stiff and may have tiny cracks that you don’t even notice. And, in this cold weather, it simply cannot do its job anymore.

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again…Worn out suction cups are the #1 cause of broken letters, broken poles, tracking and, especially in this cold climate, broken sign faces themselves.


It’s cheap insurance to replace your suction cup frequently. Look at it this way, your staff is beating a $1,500 sign face with a $26 suction cup.Do yourself a favor, get a new cup!


When your suction cup isn’t working properly, your staff will start beating the face of your sign harder and harder, trying to get the sign letters off. When this happens, it can crack the face, break the tracking that holds the letters, bend or break the pole and destroy your letters. Replacing is certain to save time and make you more money!

Remember this: If it takes more than 15 minutes to change the message on your Readerboard, something is wrong…

Let us know how we can help you with your sign.

Patrick Case


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    Craig Shannon | Dairy Queen, Brighton, CO

  • I thought I would share with you how AWESOME the McGriddle panels look! They are the best yet! Our Osceola store was the first to install their panels on Wednesday the 25th. They normally are moving an average of 130 a day. However, on Friday the 27th, they sold a total of 348 McGriddle Sandwiches for breakfast! A record breaker for the region!

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