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Make Your Life Easier… and spell it correctly

Posted by Patrick Case on

Word Panels are a concept that makes changing your message super easy, extremely fast and hey, it’s always spelled correctly.

What are Word Panels, you ask? Word Panels are complete words, phrases or specials created on single panels. Single panels install much faster than individual letters, give you the ability to promote more than one message on your readerboard successfully, and (here it comes) are ALWAYS spelled correctly.

We all laugh when we see those embarrassing misspellings but it’s not so funny when you pull into your own store to see them on your sign.

Don't let misspellings make your business look bad

Your potential customer, driving by in their car, (talking on their cell phone and yelling at traffic) only read messages that are easy to see and understand. Using Word Panels helps to insure your messages get read.

Remember, if they don’t read it, they won’t respond to it. If they don’t respond to your message, they’ll probably respond to your competitors…

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Patrick Case

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