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The Avoidable Workman’s Comp Claim

Posted by Patrick Case on

The avoidable Workman's Comp claim

Almost every day I see someone changing their readerboard message using a ladder. I always think to myself, “Seriously? Who is the manager making the conscious decision of allowing the use of a ladder? I wonder if they realize that they are jeopardizing the entire business by allowing an employee to risk their safety and well-being simply because they were too cheap to purchase an inexpensive letter changer pole?”

Ok, so it may not be that nice but that is what I think. You see the problem is that you may be saving a dollar today but if that ladder shifts and that employee falls, breaks their arm or worse – their shoulder or hip, your company will be on the hook. If that employee decides to get an attorney, and they probably will, I can virtually guarantee you that attorney will find your company and the decision maker themselves personally liable.

I recently met a McDonald’s manager who had experienced exactly what I am describing to you. He himself fell off their ladder while changing a simple readerboard message. He broke his shoulder, and at the time I met him, had been thru two surgeries and still had complications. This injury will probably burden him the rest of his life. Is it really worth it?

With the average Letter Changer Pole costing around $79, it is cheap insurance to avoid a very long term and very expensive legal process.

A process that will undoubtedly take untold dollars out of your business and untold days, months, or even years out of your life.

Folks, I’m not writing this in an attempt to try and sell you another piece of junk you don’t need, we’re not that way here at National Readerboard. We are honestly doing our best to be a good partner, to look out for your best interest, and to help you better utilize your #1 most powerful marketing tool to help your business.

This week’s blog post may be the most important post this year because we’re not just talking about saving or making another buck, we’re talking about the health, safety, and well being of our most important resource, our people.

Thank you for your time and please do yourself a favor, if you don’t have a letter changer pole for your sign, call today and order one.

Let us know how we can help you with your sign.

Patrick Case

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