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Span Over Price Points are BIG, BOLD and GRAB ATTENTION! When you’ve got the best price in town, SAY SO AND SAY IT LOUD!

Lets face it folks, you have competition! Set your message apart from the crowd by using our Giant Span Over panels to get noticed! They make your message clear, distinct and noticeable.

Got the Best Price In Town? Use Span Over and Get Your Message Read!

Span Over Giant Price Points are designed to cover two rows of tracking and Stand Out to be seen from a much greater distance. Span Over panels are very easy to use and work much like your regular letters. They tuck up into the top track, span over the mutual track and tuck into the bottom track. They can easily be installed using your regular letter changer pole.

Installing these panels in windy conditions is NOT recommended. NEVER attempt to catch a falling over sized panel. Though they can break, they’re pretty tough so let them fall!

We offer individual panels so you can make your own prices or can create the message that fits your needs. Let us know how we can help you with your sign.

Patrick Case

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