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How To Measure Your Sign Letters

Posted by Sarrah Vesselov on

Trying to figure out what size letters you need can be very confusing! How do I know which size letter I need? It is quite easy once you understand the two sets of measurements involved. The Letter Height is the measurement of the letter by itself. The Panel Height is the measurement of the entire plastic panel.

This is by far the most common question our customers ask us when purchasing letters and letter sets.

Once you know these two numbers you can easily order your letters. Letters come in many different sizes and styles. Before ordering, make sure you understand what size and style of letter you currently use.

The most common letter sizes are; 4″ Letter on 5″ Panel, 6″ Letter on 7″ Panel, 8″ Letter on 9″ Panel, 8″ Letter on 10″ Panel, 10″ Letter on 12″ Panel, 12″ Letter on 14″ Panel.

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