Wagner Zip-Change® Halftone - Set

PN: 420405BK90, PN: 420405BK91, PN: 420405BK60, PN: 420405BL90, PN: 420405BL63, PN: 420405RD90, PN: 420405RD62, PN: 420607BK90, PN: 420607BK91, PN: 420607BK60, PN: 420607BL90, PN: 420607BL63, PN: 420607GR90, PN: 420607RD62, PN: 420810BK90, PN: 420810BK91, PN: 420810BK60, PN: 420810BL90, PN: 420810BL63, PN: 420810RD62, PN: 421012BK90, PN: 421012BK91, PN: 421012BL90, PN: 421012BL91, PN: 421214BK90, PN: 421214RD82

The Wagner Zip-Change® Halftone letter style gives these flat letter a slight 3-dimensional effect.

Full Set Pricing

4” 250pc Set $362.50 4" 20pc Punctuation Set $29.00
6” 250pc Set $437.50 6" 20pc Punctuation Set $35.00
8” 250pc Set $715.00 8" 20pc Punctuation Set $57.20
10" 250pc Set $862.50 10" 20pc Punctuation Set $69.00
12" 250pc Set $1712.25 12" 20pc Punctuation Set $137.00


The Halftone letter style gives these flat letter a slight 3-dimensional effect. The bold font is easy to read from far distances and each letter is self spacing so you can be certain your message is readable.


  • Self Spacing- Letters slide together for perfect spacing every time.
  • Durable – Acrylic strong enough to last the roughest weather and employees.
  • Color – Bright color options that shine bright day or night.
  • Clear Coated – For scratch resistance.
  • Letter Sizes – Wide range of sizes perfect for any sign.

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Tracking and Pole

This plastic, changeable sign letter is designed to be used with acrylic tracking and a letter pole (pictured at left).

Letter Poles

Letter poles enable you to change your sign message quickly, from the safety of solid ground. Don't risk it! Never use a ladder to change your sign message.

View Letter Poles Here


Sign Tracking

If your letters are slipping and falling off your sign, replace your tracking. Sign Letter tracking comes in four lengths, 6 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, and 12 ft.

View Sign Tracking here


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