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Sign Track for Slotted Letters, Plasti-Bar Track

This piece of clear acrylic track is used to mount slotted dimensional letters.

Plasti-Bar is a clear extruded high impact acrylic track used to mount WAGNER slotted Changeable letters. This track should only be cemented to acrylic (plastic) backgrounds.

Plasti-Bar tracking comes in two lengths: 6 ft and 8 ft. Choose the length closest to your readerboard width, and cut tracking to fit.

Track Spacing

8", 10" and 17" letters require 7" bar spacing
6" letters require 5" bar spacing
4" requires a 2 5/16" bar spacing
Measurements are from the top of one bar to the top of the next bar.

The tapered slot on the back of the WAGNER letters, eliminates any chance of the letters shifting while on the track.

Choose: Tracking Width

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