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Gemini Pronto™ Double Suction Cup Assembly

This Gemini double suction cup head assembly is designed to fit Gemini Pronto™changer poles. These 2, 3¾” suction cups are Great for installing large letters and gas pricing numbers.

Replacing your suction cup every 18 months will protect your letters and your sign face.
A fresh suction cup will hold the letters better, so they're easy to get on and off the sign without dropping them or smacking the pole against the sign face.

A set of double, 3¾ in. diameter cups for the Gemini Pronto™ Changer Arm.

Its Time to Replace Your Suction Cup:
When it's dry and cracked.
When the surface is scuffed.
When you're constantly dropping letters.

Superior Suction – Heavy Duty Suction cup firmly hold each letter.
Easy Release – Release wire breaks the cup suction when pool is twisted clockwise.
Adjustable Cup Angle – Easy angle adjustment for different situations.

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