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Gemini Letter Changer Pole - Single Jumbo Cup

This Telescoping Letter Changer Pole comes in three convenient lengths, 6-12ft, 6-18ft, 8-24ft. The Gemini letter changer pole comes with a Jumbo Suction Cup, a 7" diameter and is perfect for installing larger sign letters and gas station pricing numbers. When in doubt, go with a longer pole. Longer poles enable you to keep your hands at your side, thus offering you more leverage and control.

The Gemini letter changer pole comes with one Jumbo Suction Cup, a 3 1/2” suction cup designed for installing 4" changeable sign letters.

Every time you use a ladder to change your message, you are risking an injury or a lawsuit. Changer poles allow you to comfortably and quickly change your readerboard message while standing safely on the ground.

Strong Suction – Heavy Duty Suction cup firmly hold each letter.
Easy Release – Release wire breaks the cup suction when pole is twisted clockwise.
Adjustable Cup Angle
– Easy angle adjustment for different situations.

Be advised, do not use changer poles near power lines.

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