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Gemini Pronto™ Jumbo Suction Cup Assembly

PN: 81127001

This jumbo suction cup head assembly is designed to replace old, worn out suction cups on your Gemini Pronto™ pole. The jumbo cup is 7" in diameter and is perfect for installing larger sign letters and gas station pricing numbers.

Replacing your suction cup every 18 months will protect your letters and your sign face.
A fresh suction cup hold the letters better, so they're easy to get on and off the sign without dropping them or smacking the pole against the sign face.

The Gemini suction cups are designed to fit Gemini Pronto™ Poles. This 7” suction cup is best used to replace 15”, 17”, and 24” letters.

Its Time to Replace Your Suction Cup:
When it's dry and cracked.
When the surface is scuffed.
When you're constantly dropping letters.

Superior Suction – Heavy Duty Suction cup firmly hold each letter.

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